Build A Blog To Keep Your Website Content Fresh

Every website owner needs to build a blog. I’m not talking about a diary or something where you need to make daily long winded rants about your topic. If you build a blog it will keep your website fresh and ads size. Which are two qualities Google holds highly.

When you build a blog,it gives you a chance to further describe the benefits of your products and services. Even showcasing past customers and their success stories with the products you are promoting.

If you build a blog and add fresh content to your site once a week you’ll constantly pick up new keywords in Google. After a couple of months it starts adding up and you start getting quite a steady flow of new free visitors to your site.

It doesn’t have to be long winded either. Sometimes you can just find a related video on You tube,post it to your blog,and share an opinion on the video.

The best part is now your visitors can start interacting with you.

On every blog post you should find some way to ask a question or just ask them to comment with their opinion. Now you’ve got an active dialogue going with your visitors. This will help build rapport and also let you know more about what they like and don’t like. Honestly,this is invaluable.

How Do You Build A Blog?
Here’s the 64 million dollar question though. How do you build a blog? What kind of blog?

Well here’s a couple of solutions:

1.) Hire a freelancer to do it for you
I use Odesk for all my freelancer needs. You can get a blog installed and setup for under $50 using these guys. Make sure you read their reviews though so you pick someone good and not a fraud!

2.) Learn how to do it yourself via reading a few blog posts and watching some videos.
You tube has tons of videos on how to build a blog.
Build A Blog To Bring In The Money

Listen,this is very important,I know you might feel a little flustered or overwhelmed but a lot is riding on this. And if you are comfortable with setting up a blog all the more power.

Literally tens of thousands of dollars are resting on whether or not you add this muscle builder to your website.

Making your blog popular will drive more and more business your way each month.

You’re going to be a marketing machine in no time! Do you feel it is worth learning how to build a blog? What is the best software to use to build a blog? Why not visit our blogging resource section by clicking here.

Personally,I find WordPress to be the best solution for making blogs,perhaps you have an alternative. Feel free to leave a comment below on the best ways to build a blog.

Also,please feel free to leave a comment in the section below and share this article with others using the share icons.

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